Berenjenas y encurtidos LA ENCAJERA

. Apart from the packaging of our products presented here, we can pack any of our products in the following packing or the packing selected by our customers:

. We also serve the products loose in drums or plastic containers, for their later packing by our customers.



Mod. 314:               N. Drained Weight: 150 gms.


Mod. V- 580:          N. Drained Weight: 350 gms.

Mod. Barril:           N. Drained Weight: 570 gms.

Mod. 1/2 Gallon:   N. Drained Weight: 1 Kg.
Mod. Gallon:          N. Drained Weight: 2 Kgs.



Mod. 4700:              N. Drained Weight:: 2 Kgs.
Mod. 8100:              N. Drained Weight: 5 Kgs.


Small Tarrin Cup : N. Drained Weight: 250 gms.
Big Tarrin Cup:     N. Drained Weight: 350 grs.
Mod. 900 gms:      N. Drained Weight: 400 gms.
Mod. 1400 gms:   N. Drained Weight: 750 gms.
Mod. 3 Kgs:          N. Drained Weight: 2 Kgs.


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